Effervescent You…dedicated to Judy Mayer

Flower Photo by Judy Mayer

who is this woman

you may ask

she is one

who has made giving her task


see her scurrying to the door

of a neighbor in her apartment block

carrying a birthday card

or some uniquely styled pair of socks


she has been blessed

it is true

but her blessings she shares

with me and you


Her adventures carry her far

students in distant schools

benefit from paper and pens

and her giving too


she travels the world but forgets you not

as Russia or the Panama Canal

finds it ways to the dining room wall

showing slides of the people’s locale


the nursing home residents

share in her joyous song

as their eyes feast on the view

and the ethnic food that belongs


Judy doesn’t stop there

but continues her giving

driving the Madison Zoo train

cheering all in thanksgiving


uniquely free

and so giving it is true

thinking of delightful ways

to bring a smile or two


she may be volunteering

at Olbrich Botanical Garden

engineering the tram

or referring to the tropical banyan


then on to Monday

another day of living

at the Habitat for Humanity

she is giving


Perhaps some Wednesday evening

You will hear her respond

as she works the phones

for the charity telethons


accepting donations

late into the night

always there helping

comforting those in plight


it may be a free vacation

to a mother of three

or helping with car payments

for forty years we see


an angel she is

and freely she gives

an example for all

and how we might live


a balance of living and giving

brings joy to many and herself

a balance of living and giving

is an open shelf


a quiet, joyful soul

with a twinkle in her eye

her presence in your life

will leave you with a delightful sigh


9 thoughts on “Effervescent You…dedicated to Judy Mayer

  1. So lovely!
    Hope you are well.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas!
    Lots of love and hugz ♡


  2. bette910@aol.com says:

    what a woman!
    fun to meet her at Lara’s party


  3. Judy Mayer says:

    I am flattered to have wonderful words written about me!!!!


  4. What a lovely poem to dedicate someone…….she would be so happy after reading it. Merry Christmas to you and your family..love n hugs


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