Christmas Eve, 2013

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

anticipation at its height

gifts and presents in the children’s sight

their happiness is our delight

as we struggle to keep the LIGHT

is this the moment we have waited for

one more chance for God at our door

one more time we bend to the floor

one more time we plead for more

how many times have we weathered the storm

we know we need the LIGHT reborn

deep within the fire does warm

please let this be the day we are transformed

sadness abounds, we know it everywhere

death and sorrow, stirs in the air

thrown out for not having the fare

thrown out, wallowing deep in despair

a child unfed, a woman is beat

the man on the street without a sheet

we seek the LIGHT, it is this we beg to meet

we will not give up, not go down in defeat

no rice grain is found in the old woman’s bowl

no water to drink for the newborn foal

hatred and greed have taken their toll

we ask for the LIGHT to make us whole

we plead and we cry as we do weep

we ask for the LIGHT to be within us deep

so many tears, so many fears we do keep

release them all and in YOUR PEACE sleep

christmas lights

christmas lights (Photo credit: sciondriver)

9 thoughts on “Christmas Eve, 2013

  1. Nancy says:

    Merry Christmas Lady Jane and Have a Blessed New Year. Love Nancy


  2. Yoshiko says:

    Wish you a warm and blessed Christmas, Jane 🙂



  3. I wish your every word would come true. Christmas is not only about lightening candles in the churches but also lightening up lives of those who are living in dark. Hope this Christmas and new year will bring happiness n joy


  4. Kamlesh, I am hoping with you…my life is very sad right now…and I need peace here inside of me.


  5. pilbra says:

    I hope you all had a merry christmas now it is time for a new year wish


  6. Jane, Your words eloquently come together and outshine any we might find on a Christmas tree.


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