the Quiet of Silence

English: Christmas star Deutsch: Weihnachtsstern

English: Christmas star Deutsch: Weihnachtsstern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

T’was the night before Christmas

When all through the house

Not a cell phone could be found

Not even a charger or mouse!


My computer was useless

As was my phone

I am sure all my friends

thought no one was home!


My doorbell was silent

The Christmas lights on

There I was in the room

Not a technology drawn


No Gmail to read

No Facebook to screen

Left all alone

Just me and my dream


I sat in the silence

I sat there alone

I sat in the silence

And felt so at home


For deep within myself

I did travel

In the Quiet of the silence

I began to marvel


I heard what each of us

Desperately needs

The assurance of love

To help us be freed


Love is all

that We seek from the other

Love is compassion

For sister and brother


The essence of heart

Is found in the LOVE

The essence of heart

Assures me of God above


Naysayers abound

This is so true

But in the end

I see Beauty in view


Where does LOVE Come from

and where is it found?

Each thing has an origin…

God is the LOVE in the silent sound

7 thoughts on “the Quiet of Silence

  1. Beautiful and it is all about the love we hold for ourselves and one another! Happy New Year with love and blessings! ❤


  2. Yes, so true…we can only love others to the extent that we love and appreciate ourselves as having worth and value…we need to take the time for ourselves…it is imperative! thank you for your New Year wishes and blessings! Wishing you love and blessings also!


  3. Clanmother says:

    You captured the spirit of Christmas! Charles Dickens would be proud! 🙂 All the very best to you and yours…


  4. says:

    I like this rewrite…


  5. This post is one of your best. BTW, I just now noticed you listed my ‘Anniversary Trigger’ blog under your ‘Posts I Like’ area. Thank you ever so much.


    • dear Sheri,
      Whenever I read one of your posts, I have also posted a link to your site on my Facebook page, Stumble Upon and Pin It sites. I am not sure how all of those work, but I think YOU have so much to say to ALL of us…and I am hoping by posting you on these sites, more will find you…read you…and be changed by you. You are a very beautiful person…a true person of LOVE. Our Mother Earth is so much better because YOU are in it!


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