… can’t reach the bottom rung


Bloodred Sunset



I  h
ave reached           

outwards and in                    

I  have reached           


beyond my sin

I  can’t gather             

the strength to reach              

the bottom rung               

no use to preach   

it all seems beyond         

my futile grasp                                 

it all seems too hard       

how long will it last


we have to fall apart                

to come together            

back to start       

I do not know how                 

I feel I have nothing left           

I feel so empty…              

so bereft      

writing out

my sadness      

is all I can do       

in my blindness

writing out

my heart         

searching for you        

avoiding the dart

writing out

my heart

searching for a

solid part


15 thoughts on “… can’t reach the bottom rung

  1. Great, heartfelt writing. The only change I’d make would be to leave out the line with “bereft”. Beauty writing, though, eh?


  2. amazing introspection, we all are afraid to reach that place i guess, atleast i am.


  3. bette910@aol.com says:

    keep reaching…..


  4. Nancy says:

    Life so far for the New Year. January….. Not a good start. My friend of 23 yrs died My Aunt Bette died My Cat Bootsie I had to put to sleep. People close by who you thought would be a Friend Nasty Never a Friend Deceitful/Evil Trust in the Lord and this too shall pass. Happy February!!!!!


  5. Heartfelt dear friend. Will email you soon 🙂


  6. mich smith says:

    Lovely and sad!!


  7. Jane – How I wish I had a magic wand, I would insist all was right in your world. I’m beginning to think things aren’t great anywhere. Talking heads on network news tell us the recession is over. It sure doesn’t feel that way to us.
    I wish you peace and love. Know that I care. Sheri


  8. thank you, Sheri! Yes, things look rather bleak…but on the other hand, we must lean into the future with hope! We must continue to look for LIFE and breathe LIFE…and all will be beautiful in the end! …and to borrow from “Marigold Hotel,”…if it is not beautiful, it is not the end! Smile!


  9. alexraphael says:

    Full of striking images


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