Impasse at Mount Rundle



the cowgirl treks the slope

grabbing hold of tender branches

feeling the cool evening breeze

amid the tangled scratches

she drinks from the mountain stream

crystal ice soothes her thirst

snowshoe steps brings her closer

determination she does nurse

onward and upward she climbs

keeping her dream constant

seemingly unaware and persistent

in a cloud of unsure distance

then the impasse came

the path could not be found

no fault, no one to blame

the mountain–bare silence, no sound

her steps came to a blunt end

then around the corner of her eye

a new opening came her way

spiraling forth with courage

she created another day!






6 thoughts on “Impasse at Mount Rundle

  1. says:

    creating a new day… perfect


  2. This is so nice, Jane.


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