Give it ONE more try!


Isn’t this is what LIFE is all about?

if you do not try, you will never know

even if you do not succeed the first time

try again…

again …








until your last breath

do not ever give up

give it one more try!

I cannot tell you how many times I have begun something and then it flops. I have had more failures than successes. On those dark days, I remind myself of what I did accomplish. I have to believe in myself, because it all starts with that inner conviction that I can and will do it! I must take my dream and live it.

Regardless of the naysayers and all those who tell me it is not possible.  I have had acquaintances say to me, “past behavior is a pretty good indicator of future behavior.” Then therapists express these words,  “Well, this is a pattern in your life. It is very difficult, if not impossible to change”  and even religious people who thrive on the conviction that with “Jesus, all things are possible”– then tell me, “You have low self-esteem and that is impossible to change at your age.” So, I think, what happened to the power of Jesus?  I have had people call me a “sucker”–as one friend said to me, “The S-word is emblazoned on your forehead–this will always be your situation because you love too much.” How can anyone love too much? I also have people tell me that I do not love myself enough. That phrase really gets my goat. It is an easy cliché that people love to throw around.  If I did not love myself, WHY would I keep on trying? Because I am willing to risk and love, that does not mean I do not love myself. And if I was such a loser, I wouldn’t even try …I would not try to go out of myself and risk loving others.

If I listened to all of those naysayers, I may as well fold up the game of checkers and call it a life.

Guess what I say to all of those naysayers?

“I am going to give it another try!”

I love this quote by Martha Graham: “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”   Martha Graham

I have to believe in myself and in my abilities and do it! I begin to think of all the people who helped me this far. Those who have helped me return to my balance are those who have taken the time to listen and not label me or pronounce final judgment on me. Then I begin to think of all the things I still need to do and can do!

I like the story of Thomas Edison when asked by a young reporter if he was about to give up on inventing the electric light bulb. Edison replied something similar to that he now knew 9,000 ways that the light bulb would not work! Imagine that? And it was only after the 9,001th time that Edison succeeded in inventing the electric light bulb!  Maybe the numbers are not accurate but the point is right on target.  No matter how many times you fail, the next time may be the success!

Spread that news when someone you know is about to give up!

I cannot find the poem, but I remember the title from 1968, “Don’t give up! Give it one more try!” I do not know who the poet was but that line has never left me through all these many years. I have had great personal losses. I have not been that successful at relationships. I have had my life’s dreams altered. I have ended up in a completely different direction than from where I began my life. The changes have not come easy and because I am the kind of person where my passion runs deep, I have felt the loss deeply. I am sure I have disappointed people along the way and sometimes I have disappointed myself. But I would always come back to that line: “Don’t give up; give it one more try.”  That is all we can do…is try and hope for the best.  We are humans. We make mistakes…but we should never, ever quit. We are all in this together.

Sometimes we just need one person to believe in us!  One person to say, “Give it one more try!”

When I was a teacher, I would try to encourage the students to give it one more try. I would encourage them onward! I do not know if I always succeeded at saying at the correct time or not, of doing that or not, but I tried more often than I didn’t. I know that sometimes people get really annoyed with me, because I am urging them forward. But then I remember that sometimes I thought and felt that way too–thinking “Why don’t they just leave me alone! Why don’t they just go away and let me crash and burn!” But, really, deep down I did not want them to give up on me. I was pleading in my own stubborn way, “prove to me that I am someone, because at this moment in time, I do not feel like I am. ”

When we think we have nothing to offer the world, we can offer this simple phrase to someone: “Give it one more try!”  It could change a life! Not only that, it could save a life.  This is how important one person is to another!

11 thoughts on “Give it ONE more try!

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Thanks, Jane, I need that :



  2. Yori, we all do…everyday! You are gifted and strong–I wish that I could write Japanese as well as you write English!


  3. yeoldefoole says:



  4. risinghawk says:

    I believe in you . . . have since I read your words the first time. Great posts, and peace to you.


    • thanks, Rising Hawk! It has been a struggle since December of last year…and my heart is still healing from one situation and struggling on in the other…but these last days, I feel more confident and ready to move forward and let the pass go. Thank you for your support here on WordPress. This site has actually been my salvation—I was so depressed after leaving my teaching career of 36 years…this blog gave me new life and the friends I have met on here, have been so very kind and supportive…just seeing those LIKES everyday, gave me courage to keep living.Thank YOU for your support and encouragement!


  5. tersiaburger says:

    You are inspirational!


    • dear Tersia, it has been a battle…thank YOU for your kind compliment…but, I do not feel that way about myself…sometimes I worry that I write about such hard topics—and I reveal my fears and hopelessness and this may be upsetting to others. I write what I experience and feel…and I am hoping by being myself and honest about life as it is hitting me, I will give strength to others who experience the same…and hope that together we can continue to choose life and meet the challenge of each day…sometimes moment by moment. I am so grateful to YOU, especially, for the courage and resilience you have given to us all, with what you faced day to day with your dear daughter and your willingness to share that experience and have us see that it is possible to be with someone in their struggle…someone who travels the road with another. Your life is a life of great love! YOU are the inspiration!


  6. clarabetty says:

    Reblogged this on clarabetty and commented:
    You have put my philosophy into better words than I could -I feel exactly about not giving up, although many times I feel like I am about to. Something happens to keep me going-hoping and starting again, and “the phoenix arises again”
    Like you I have a motto, a quote I read, many years ago attributed to Winston Churchill, that he gave at a Graduation commencement address. after the War. I don’t remember the name of the University – the article says he stood up and said “Never Give up” three times and sat down. That’s all he said, but he emphasized a different word each time. I have always admired Winston Churchill but when I heard that, especially knowing something of his life and the up and downs-I never forgot it -I always helps me when I remember that phrase and repeat it with an emphasis on each word.


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