Prejudice Takes Many Forms

How do we stop this? We have to begin by being tolerant, understanding and compassionate in our own lives. How can we help to stop this bigotry against people who have the albino condition? Please direct your comments to:


Fueled by Superstition, People Are Violently Attacking Albinos in Tanzania

By Samuel Oakford originally posted at



August 27, 2014 | 6:15 pm

In the past month, a spate of violent attacks in Tanzania targeting people with albinism for their body parts has highlighted a morbid practice linked to witchcraft.

People with albinism, also known as albinos, are born with a deficiency of melanin pigmentation. Those with a complete lack of pigmentation have extremely pale skin and hair, and their eyes are typically a light shade of blue. The condition generally results from recessive genes carried by parents. Albinism in Africa brings with it an increased chance of developing fatal skin cancer, and the lack of pigment to protect eyes against the bright sun can cause sight problems.

Africans with the condition can suffer alienating social stigma in communities where their neighbors and relatives believe them to be ghosts, cursed, or…

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6 thoughts on “Prejudice Takes Many Forms

  1. writersideup says:

    These things are too horrific to want to absorb. Another sign of the times we live in and this sick world. My heart breaks 😦


  2. It is heartbreaking, Donna. But there is much good in the world also—and there are good people…I just found this so horrific…I had heard of it previously, but did not realize that extent of its presence. I lived in Kenya for over two years, but I was young and naïve about many things…Tanzania is the country below Kenya. I never saw or heard of this in Kenya, but after reading the posting, I imagine it is there as well. Extremely distressing. Education is so important but so many fear it. I think our world is no worse than centuries previous–we just have more information readily available…we have to continue to be peacemakers and light for our world.


    • writersideup says:

      Yes, there IS some good in the world, but it’s the good that usually fall victim to the evil 😦 And mankind has been savage practically from the beginning. No one can dispute that, that’s for sure! But the truth is, statistically, more people have died in wars and at the hands of deliberate cruelty in the past 100 years than in all recorded history combined 😦 It’s tragic 😦 And yes, whoever has the heart and mind to do so—be the light 🙂


  3. Yoshiko says:

    Albinos are still humans


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