Racism in Poverty Alleviation and A Request

Thoughts from Chelsea, a friend to my daughter, Lara.  Both are serving the Peace Corps in Togo and have been there for the past year and a half.

Waking Up in Togo

I haven’t written here about my philosophy of development because it is conflicted, contextual, and changeable. I don’t like going on public, permanent record right now about something that can be described as such. But I’m going to make a request, so it behoves me.

You all are so giving and so supportive of everything I do that I could probably raise money just by posting the link on Facebook, no long-winded explanation necessary. But. It is really important to me that you understand my philosophy, more important than receiving money for a project, actually.

To summarize, I don’t like hand-outs. I like working with people on projects that they have identified, things that they are motivated to do in order to improve their lives. If I’m involved in Togo, I want to be a supporter, not the engine driving the change. Even in my home community, I need to…

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