It is sad and painful to read…but we cannot bury our heads in the sand and act like it does not exist. Despite the horrific story, may we have the courage to live on, like the young woman, Valerie. We have to be willing to speak up and use our limited power to vote so that racism, injustice, and murder of people, comes to a stop. As individuals, we must lift up our courage and we have to live in HOPE and PROMISE. Hope that the violence will stop. Promise for life for others and the children of the future.

Please direct your comments to the author of this piece,  Clarie O’Brien. Her blog is: https://electricinthedesert.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/ordinary-terror-coming-of-age-in-mexico-narco/#comment-6595.

Thank you.

Eléctrica in the Desert


____EXCLUSIVE  BY CLAIRE O’BRIEN___________________

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  At my school, the students created a gigantic number 43, each candle symbolizing a missing student, so that anybody from the sky — the UFOs, the airplanes, God, perhaps? —  could see and understand the sorrow that the Mexican students are dwelling with. Maybe now the people  will understand why it rains: even the sky is crying .”

Valerie Rodarte,  Mexican university student



A street of small adobe houses runs through a middle class neighborhood on the outskirts of a Mexican city. It looks peaceful enough at first glance.

But those who live there know better.

To residents who have gazed at the street over time, the signs of a neighborhood transformed by seven years of horrific violence are clear. A big iron gate blocks off the entrance, and curtains are drawn across every locked window. People walk directly from their…

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