“…Yours Always, Part of You.”

The following article was posted in http://kindnessblog.com/2015/08/20/yours-always-part-of-you/. It is a beautiful posting about gratitude and sharing.
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organ donation kindnessWe all know how important organ, blood and bone-marrow donations are. Especially for those who receive a much-needed donation which improves or even saves the donor recipient’s life.

It is especially difficult to think about organ donation as most of us have deep held fears about our own mortality. However, when we do give thought to this, we realise that there’s only three choices for what happens to our organs after we die. Either they go with us to the Grave, the Crematorium or…they can go in to the body of a desperate Human in need.

How is it even a choice?

Reddit user ‘walt1177’ recently wrote:

“I donated bone marrow to a stranger, received this letter in return.”

organ donation kindnessbone marrow kindnessThis grateful Human signed the letter off with “Yours always, Part of you”.

Doesn’t that just say it all?

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2 thoughts on ““…Yours Always, Part of You.”

  1. bette910@aol.com says:

    Love this! Haven’t seen it before….thanks, Jane


  2. Mari Gabrielson says:

    I think I ought to save this so we can share it at church.  Thanks for sharing with me. Hugs, MariG


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