10 thoughts on “Hope in Listening

  1. lulu says:

    Listening is a skill many of us need to improve.

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  2. Clanmother says:

    Spectacular capture. Perfect pairing of photo and quote!

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  3. Exquisite photo, and wonderful quote. Thank you, so happy to see you in my mailbox. Big hugs, MariG

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  4. Well, you listened and all it took was a word to spark your creativity again. Lovely photo. I disavow all responsibility over those cupboards today.


    • LOL…well, the inside is painted—no backs to these cupboards, except the bare peeling wall…once that was scraped, painting ensued (much rather paint a canvas!). Now the arduous task of cutting the brackets to fit the cupboard and screwing the brackets in! Last evening, my right shoulder was in excruciating pain—must have been thinking about the task ahead LOL! OR, it was a portend of the blanket of SNOW we were covered with during the night! Seven inches so far! But I did manage to get my car INTO the garage last evening. (Wisconsin has the notoriety of filling the $5000 space with junk instead of the $20000 car! Kids tend to take advantage of the empty space as soon as it is spotted! BEWARE) As you can see, I am distracted by WordPress today and NOT finishing the cupboards…but I will get to that in a few minutes. Have a great SUNNY day in California! (One day I hope to see that state!)


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