6 thoughts on “Serendipity Sunday

  1. reocochran says:

    Jane, the cows look like they know you and this photo made me smile! What a slightly misty background with the trees in the distance. 🙂


    • lol…Yes, indeed! I was driving down this road near Mossyrock and spotted the cows. I should have stopped the day before—then the mist was really cool! But there was so much traffic on my tail, I was afraid to pull over. The day I took these photos, the owners came by. I was stopped on the side of the road, with the fence between me and the cows. They asked me WHAT I WAS DOING. I said, “I thought the cows were interesting and I was from Wisconsin and just taking their photo. Made some small talk and offered to send them a copy. Gave them my email but never heard from them. They told me they were worried that I was planning on “stealing their cows!” They were dead serious! Glad the photo made you SMILE…I was hoping for that effect…too bad I didn’t get the bottom of the cow’s face.

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      • reocochran says:

        Jane, how bizarre! You don’t look like a cattle *”wrassler” ha ha! I would think the mist would be cool but too dangerous. We bloggers tend to do almost anything to get a picture! Take care and enjoy your week. Hope you are getting sunny and warm weather.


      • LOL…yeah, really…what could an old woman of 66, with a cell camera do to a herd of cattle! LOL I am serious, though, they were SERIOUS. As I think back, I am lucky they didn’t take out a gun. I usually can get a smile out of people, but these ladies were dead serious. Speaking of weather, it was 70 yesterday in Wisconsin! Unbelievable! Today looks like we might get a shower, but definitely warmer. We had a mild winter compared to some years. I worry if we received enough snow for the farmers’ fields. In my next life, I am going to be a farmer on another planet! Have a great day, Robin!


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