Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge


venture out from the comfort zone

open yourself to the wounds of others

walking lightly upon Mother Earth

gently holding others tenderly

as your  delicate souls meet

be not afraid of what you do not know

if you seek love, and are pure in your intention…

love will find its way through the chambers of your heart

yes…there may be pulls and questions along the way

there may be thickets one must muster through

bruises of egos felt…letting go of false assumptions

about yourself…and the other

are you willing to take the risk?

are you willing to let your heart be broken?


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6 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

  1. Silver Threading says:

    This was so beautiful! I loved it JoAnne! 💗


  2. reocochran says:

    The good or happy feelings are worth the risk, I think. We have a secure and loving family which helps when things go wrong. I would try again! 🙂 great post, Jane.


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