Peace Be Upon You

This is an important post to read…to broaden our understanding of one another…and to share with others….Please direct your comments to: Claremary P. Sweeney at

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AR-160719465.jpg&MaxW=650Protected by darkness last Thursday night, a hooded figure crept up to the Community Center of Masjid Al-Hoda. He smashed a window with an ax, painted anti-Muslim graffiti on the front of the Mosque and then, like the coward he is, ran away.

This afternoon, people of all faiths along with non-believers gathered with community members to let them know this attack was not just on the Muslim Community, it was on all of us. We were united as human beings who were appalled at the hate and racism behind this reprehensible action. We crowded into the center for an interfaith service and a discussion of what we could do to let it be known this action was not representative of what our community stands for.

This is the place I wrote about in “It Takes A Village” .  Once called Little Rest, this is my little town.  The Mosque…

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5 thoughts on “Peace Be Upon You

  1. Jane, this is so good of you to share my post and my feelings with your friends and followers. I thank you for understanding how important this event has been for me in my small town and the implications it has for all of us if we keep silent. Your friend, Clare

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    • dear Clare, It breaks my heart that this has happened to your friends and neighbors. You are so right—we need to speak up for more than just tolerance–we need to speak up for the lives of those around us–for openness and understanding. A few months ago, someone whom I had been friends with online for four years, and had even did a joint publication with, posted a very demeaning “joke” about Muslim women. I confronted her right there on the post in the comment section. Needless to say, she became very angry with me and de-friended me, expressing that I did “not understand” what her friends in Paris suffered. I reassured her that I did have great compassion for the Parisians, but that her comment about the Muslim women still was not justified. It baffles me that people who I think are educated, do not see the hatred in their words. I will continue to standby my Muslim friends and their families. I know they do not condone the atrocities any more than we do. The irony is, we want to condemn others for their terrible behavior and then we engage in it ourselves with the vandalism and bigoted speech. I do think it is so very good that you all came together in peace and supported one another. Blessings to you and your community!

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      • When I arrived early at the Mosque today, I looked at all of the seats and hoped people would come to support them. Two friends from church joined me and we hoped others would come. An then people began to arrive. the seats filled, people were standing and the line went out the door. It was amazing and so heartening and I could see the relief on the faces of my Muslim friends. I wore my sunglasses inside because I was crying through much of the service. Thank you for helping share this message of unity and the importance of voicing our thoughts and feelings about caring for each other. People find Trump funny. There is nothing funny in anything he says or does. It has created an aura of entertainment and has put a false credibility on hating out loud. It is a travesty. Clare

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  2. reocochran says:

    Peace be unto you, Johann. Hugs, Robin


    • Yes, I am so worried for our country. Claremary P. Sweeney wrote the piece you commented on…she is a wonderful writer and a very good human being! I just do NOT understand how some of us in this country are allowing hatred to grow…and supporting it. It is rather frightening! ALL faiths should be respected. Every faith has its extreme members…that does NOT mean we should condemn all…Our greatest strength is to be open and receptive to diversity, religious differences, and culture. We learn and grow so much more from our differences—when we see them as gifts…I do hope the hateful rhetoric in the conventions ceases. It is of no service to anyone.
      Peace to you, Robin!

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