the butter dish


This was to be published January 2, 2017…I forgot to push the PUBLISH button!  Now I fear I have already tripped over my New Year’s Resolution to publish once a day! Whoa is me!

Copyright ©Jane H. Johann, January 2, 2017 "The Butter Dish"

©Jane H. Johann, January 2, 2017
“The Butter Dish”

“Please pass the butter dish, thank you,” requested Mom.

And so the dish was passed from one to the other down the table

Hand to hand, as it traveled down the line–

Eleven hands the glass dish had to pass through–

Roger took a pat of it,

Then Bobby had a dab,

Ronald took a scoop,

Claude a half a knife full,

Diane a teaspoon,

Barb just a little,

Jane a bit more.

Billy a spoonful,

Mary took a lick with her finger.

and, last but not least,

Jenny, the baby, grabbed what was left of the stick, devoured it one quick slight of the hand to the mouth, cheeks puffed out!

Until at last the butter dish arrived in front of the person who requested it,

With only a slight trace of butter remaining…

The butter dish could tell many a tale…


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