“dacardiff@gmail.com, Gotta Find a Home…”

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21 June 2017 Ted was sitting in the rain. A blue tarp covered his lower half, an umbrella hat deflected the water from his face. The look on his face was one of resigned discouragement. “Good morning, Ted. Are you managing to keep dry?” “Hi, Dennis. The water is running under my tarp. I’m…

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3 thoughts on ““dacardiff@gmail.com, Gotta Find a Home…”

  1. Well, I wish we could take care of all the homeless in the streets.


    • I can see there are many social problems connected to being homeless—many opinions—various solutions—various attempts at solutions. Until people work together…it is going to be a major task. Not everyone “WANTS” to be homeless. Granted there are some. Some have given up. Some choose it. Some work–but at minimum wage, they and their wife and children end up living in cars! Mental illness appears to be a major issue–regardless if from drug use or not–we need to address it. There is no easy fix…but we could try a more positive approach…and I do not even know what I could do! I am useless, it seems.


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