the child at sea

©Jane H. Johann
Lake Michigan No.2
Kenosha, WI
October, 2013


WHY do we destroy

the precious gifts we receive?

Children are not property

Children are gifts…don’t you see?

WHY do we destroy

the growing heart?

WHY don’t we give our children

a holy start?

For a brief time,

tenderly their precious lives are held in our hands

For a brief time

we breathe our words into  the tiny lambs

Then from us they take leave

Their delicate souls facing forward as they walk through life

Our words can build or destroy them–

Empower them to stand strong in the inevitable strife

How does a child turn from a loving being

to a person without control?

WHY do we cut the child apart

that was given to us whole?

Solomon’s tale rings true

in more ways than one

Turning one parent against the other

is always wrong and always done

Pure and innocent

quick-witted and giving

Snuffed out by an angry parent

is no way for living


4 thoughts on “the child at sea

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Profound and heartbreaking true.


    • thank you for your visit, Cindy and for your comment…yes, it is a sad world at times…so many young children at risk…it is hard to watch…and hard not to be able to do anything no matter how hard one tries…I have visited YOUR blog, Cindy, but for some reason my WordPress is not cooperating. I try to leave a LIKE or a COMMENT and it won’t allow me to do that. I must have something set incorrectly on my end of this cyber world! I do read your writing and love your photographs of so many wonderful places in the world! I appreciate your sharing of them!


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Sadly repeated again and again. One can only have faith and hope.


    • Indeed, Eliza! In Wisconsin, 4 out of 10 grandparents are raising their grandchildren. Those grandchildren are fortunate. The statistic is repeated throughout the States. I do wonder WHY…I wonder and question every day…what more could I have done…what didn’t I do…what should I do. And now the suicide rate of young people is on the rise. So much sadness engulfs our nation.


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