Who AM I?

English: A homeless man in Paris Français : Un...

English: A homelessman in ParisFrançais : Un sans domicile fixe à Paris. Tiếng Việt: Mộtngười đàn ông vô gia cư ở Paris Polski: Bezdomny mężczyzna w Paryżu See

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I sit on the street

with my dirty feet…

my shoes are worn.

My heart is torn.

You give a sigh…

yet, you pass me by…

But I am one of you…

I know  you, I do!

I have no family

except for those who live in the alley.

I sit here by myself, alone

no food, no friend,  no cell phone…

I sit here in my ragged clothes

Do you really think this is what I chose?

Dazed eyes…no longer can I cry

Emptiness looms inside

English: Homeless veteran in New York

English: Homeless veteran in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day in…Day out

Night in…Night shouts

You sit in your room for ten-

I sit on the curb and pretend.

You throw me a dollar to spend…

But when it will ever end?

“That will help me, that will do.”

You say, “He’ll probably have a drink or two”

How you judge me, what if I do?

Wouldn’t you too?

How do you know I won’t buy a coffee,

while you go on to see your bookie?

I sit on the street…

In utter defeat.

Take me, help me get on my feet again.

Do you have that kind of time to spend?

Would you take me in your home?

Would you give me a place of my own?

English: Source: Joshua Sherurcij

English: Source: Joshua Sherurcij (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a corner is all I need.

Can you respond to my plea?

All that is, all that could be,

I just can’t find my way, can’t you see?

I once had a home

that I called my own.

I once had friends–

Our time we thought would never end!

Hard luck came upon me

Lost my job, my dignity, all of it, you see.

If fortunes were reversed

You could be the one who thirsts

I am one of you…

floating homeless

floating homeless (Photo credit: nozoomii)

I know you, I do!

Homeless people all the world around!

Homeless people in your town!

English: A homeless man in New York with the A...

English: A homeless man in New York with the American flag in the background. Français : Un homme sans domicile fixe à New York. Un drapeau des États-Unis est visible en arrière plan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Homeless shelters but a few…

Homeless could be me and you…

Homeless in America could it be?

Homeless in the Land of Opportunity?

Homeless man in Tokyo

Homeless man in Tokyo (Photo credit: theeruditefrog)