the little boy’s cry

we had returned from a full evening of joyous celebration

everyone changed where they were going to sleep several times

as the heat this August night is unbearable and no air-conditioning

first Nadia camped out with Lara in the bedroom

then soon found herself next to her Nanny in her queen size bed


Ayden began his sleep in the living room

then declared his manhood  at the age of eight and sauntered down alone to his room

Nanny was alert and awake…trying to rest her eyes

almost eleven oc’clock when she heard the little boy”s cry

she flew from her bed and went to Ayden’s room


there he lay sobbing on his bed and crying,

“Nanny, you said you would come if I cried!?”

“Darling, what is the matter?” as she picked him up and held him in her arms

Again he said, “Nanny, you said you would come if I cried!?”

Again, Nanny replied, “And I have, Ayden, here I am for you!”


“But, Nanny, I was crying in Day Care for you last week and you didn’t come?”

he sobbed as he spoke…and my heart took a jolt

How do you explain you are three hours away

And only allowed a once upon a time monthly visit?

He went on to explain, “They are mean to me in DayCare…they don’t get me.”


“I cried and cried so hard and wanted you to come, but you didn’t!

Because I had a hard time the day before, and cried and cried, they wouldn’t let me go to the pool

the next day. And I cried and cried, hoping you would come…but you didn’t and I cried so hard.”

“Ayden, did you tell your Dad?”

“Yes, but he said it would be the same in any Day Care. It made me so sad.”


“Ayden, darling, I didn’t know…but I think of you each morning, and throughout the day,

and I carry YOU in my heart…I wish you lived closer…I wish I could see you more…

I do love you…maybe one day it will be different… I will speak to your Dad about it and maybe he can talk to the Day Care.”

And he cried more, sobbing in my arms.

“What can I do, my darling boy?”


And he said, “I wish I could see you more.  I love you so much, Nanny,

and I miss you so much! I wish you could come more often.”

And I said, “Me, too. I wish I lived closer.”

…and then, I dried his tears, and there he fell asleep in my arms…

and my heart cried for this little boy who just needs to be loved…IMAG4354