Nature has that way to make us find ourselves in the quiet…

Nature has that way

to make us find ourselves in the quiet…

Forgetting ourselves

and being in its presence…

Brother Wind

breezes through our thoughts…

Father Night

blanketing us with serenity…

Sister Stars

illuminating our hope…

Sister Moon

softening the dark…

"Moonscape" Photo Credit:  Coyright: B. Bennett; August, 2014

Photo Credit:
Coyright: B. Bennett;
August, 2014


mystery of water

Water droplet blue bg03

Water droplet blue bg03 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hexagonal crystals

water delight

what you say

what you feel

is found in the light


Hexagonal crystals

we are so born

love floats

hurt hits

structure can be shorn


Hexagonal crystals

nature symbiotic

what I say

what you feel

possibly quite chaotic


Hexagonal crystals

reveal profound effect

of words

spoken, thought

do not neglect


Hexagonal crystals

of ages past

the memory of all

is found

within our grasp

Water ball

Water ball (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Please Note:

Have you heard of Dr Masuro Emoto, a Japanese scientist?  You can find Dr. Masuro on You Tube…his video explains his theory…his theory is based on scientific research–  spoken and written words change the structure of water…what we say,  feel and as well as what we listen to has an effect on the molecular structure of water, and because water is our main composition, what we say to ourselves, to each other, what we listen to…has an effect on us.  He believes that the hexagonal crystals of Water represent the life force of Mother Nature.  He also speculates on how water has memory…can you imagine the implications of that? Profound!

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