Starting Over…

7:13 AM
       This is MY mantra! Thank you, Rebecca Budd from for posting this inspiring quote on your Google wall today! It gave me a boost!
        I have started over so many times…and NOW–It is EVERYDAY! In the past, when I was younger, I set different personal goals for myself somewhere in my brain and met many of them—but then, the dream would end, and the castle came down—so, I would select a new way of being…now I have been using the word, “retired”–and have come to hate it–because it sounds like a final burrito wrap before I am placed in the microwave!
        Now I am NO LONGER retired—I am an artist and a writer!
        I have declared it and I am starting over! And I an NO LONGER RETIRED!  Do NOT even say the word to me! I refuse to be defined by it! It stirs up such wrath in me, it is unbelievable.  For me, the word is a death sentence! A finality, a giving-up to life and awareness and NEW ideas and ways of being!
        I hope I grow until my last breath!
        And I know I will get  a barrage of people who say I am over-reacting or overly sensitive.  Yes, I am! That is who I am.  And I will NOT be limited by such a word. And I am NEVER going to retire!
       If others want to retire and use that WORD, that is their business.
       I am going to LIVE to the fullest each moment!  I will discover new secrets of the universe!  I will read and grow each day from this moment on!
       It has been raining all week in Wisconsin and winter temperatures can be a challenge, but the cold weather also brings with it the idea of a warm fireplace, snuggling with a good read, a settling down and taking an easy breath in of the activities of the summer, the charm of the falling leaves, the clearing out of the foggy mind with the brisk Autumn air, the chance for renewal and awe at what life is going to bring–and, last but not least, the biting into one of those crisp McIntosh apples!
       Onward and forward into the ripples of LIFE! I am renewed!  YAY!