gentleness carries us

Dedicated  with Gratitude to Dr.  Horty Rexach

for the gentle inspiration she has given to me and for the courage in which she lives her life



the gentleness of the wind 

shifting to the right

and then to the left

carries the floating leaf to the ground

cushioning its final resting place

as it is received

 into Mother Earth



–strong emotions in our life–

move us back and forth

through our conjured expectations

 as we tighten our grip on  illusions…

release them, we must–gently–

it is necessary for our rebirth


allow the feelings to dissipate

and give rise to new life

like the tulip and daffodil bulbs

that we bury in the Fall

acknowledge their presence

weep with them if we must

then, gently put our feelings to rest


rise above

look for the good


be the good

today is our moment

NOW is our time

moving forward with our best




Sister Wind Brushed through the Leaves


c. "Children Leaving" Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, September 30, 2014, Palmyra, WI, USA.

c. “Children Leaving” Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, September 30, 2014, Palmyra, WI, USA.

Sister Wind brushed through the golden leaves

spilling them on the Autumn grass…

Her hurried song could be heard in the silence of the day

as though it was her duty to glean the branches of its beauty.

Birch tree hung on to its children

not wanting to let them go…

But, alas, the forward passage of the promise

could not hold sway and off they traveled

shedding their birthright, transforming themselves

into their new way of being…

With each birth, comes the letting-go…

the song of yesterday builds the beauty of tomorrow…