Lara Johann-Reichart LIFE in TOGO Update

809px-Flag_of_Togo.svg     Lara is close to completing her second year in Togo. Late last November, she began a project to add three classrooms to an overcrowded school building in the village of Mango.  She met her goal!  With equal contributions from the village people, from friends back in the States, from people on WordPress and from an African organization, the money was raised and the goal came to fruition!  Here are some photos of the new CLASSROOMS!  Thank YOU to all who contributed to this great project. It is beautiful that so many hands from so many different parts of the world came together to make this happen!

T  H  A  N  K     Y  O  U

We built a school! Thank you to everyone for your support – Sagbiebou is so excited to have 3 new classrooms & an improved school for our students! This month we are going to be doing student-centered teaching training with the teachers to help them transition from classes of over 100 to only 50. My village would like to tell you a big and hearty, FALA FALA! Or in English, Thank you so much!









New Classrooms in Togo


If anyone wants to send books or school supplies, please do so!  They need chalk, chalkboards, pencils, pens, paper, erasers, paints and books!  You can send them to:   PCV Lara Johann-Reichart or Matthew, Mentor Teacher.  US Peace Corps. — Corps de la Paix,   B.P. 89. , MANGO,  TOGO