A Chance Meeting with a Strong Woman…

Yesterday I had to go into the city for an MRI.  I went in at 8 and did not get to leave until 2:30 — since they gave me some meds to relax going into the MRI—well, they certainly took effect! LOL  Knocked me out until the afternoon! They suggested that I go to Mykonos across the street for coffee and something to eat prior to driving the hour home. I took their advice and sat myself down in the restaurant.  Well…I am not one for eating alone…too much of it….so I saw this elderly lady sitting over in a booth. She had been left off by a City Vehicle for the Elderly and was struggling  with a walker.

I thought, “Maybe she would like some company.” So I ventured over to her and asked her if she would mind if I would join her for dinner, since she was not with anyone and neither was I and I mentioned that I hated eating alone.  I know — probably put a little guilt pressure on her — but she invited me to join her.

The conversation that ensued was amazing! She is in her eighties and lives alone with her son, who has medical debilitating conditions and cannot help her with her domestic  chores or contribute to the income. This woman is a strong woman in a frail body. She has a heart defibulator, navigates with a walker, and has only one other friend in the city who recently had a stroke and is now in a nursing home in the city of South Milwaukee.

As her story unfolded I saw how strong this woman was, carrying the needs of her son all by herself. She told me that her husband left a long time ago and she raised her son by solo.

She revealed that her kitchen sink does not work.

She is too weak to do housecleaning and her son is not capable to do it.

She revealed her past history to me and that Ethan Allen of the Green Mountain Boys was a distant ancestor. She has boxes of letters to verify this. She also bought a computer in 2010 to begin her writing  but it is still in the box! It is a Gateway.

Towards the end of the meal, she began to cry…and said, “Now I have another friend in this world.”

I was very humbled. As I went to her out of my loneliness and together we each found a new friend!

Here is where YOU come in.  She is ready to begin typing her memoirs but needs the computer set up to work. I need the help of any Computer Guru out there who can help.

I also told her I would help her unclog her sink.  I am not strong enough but I was wondering if any of my teacher friends  who are male, and have the upper body strength to turn a wrench could offer your free services?

If you are interested in helping this woman, then please respond here online or email me at janejohann126@gmail.com

I am trusting that some of you will have a little extra time to help a friend who needs our help.

I thank God for giving me the courage to ask to dine with her. I went to her for strength…and how much strength we can give  each other is phenomental!  This valiant woman and I truly broke bread together and she has given me new purpose.  Her commitment to live, to choose life, to take care of her son when she, herself, could use so much help. No self-pity just great strength! So welcoming to a stranger – me! God always does send someone…and she was sent to me to make my life better…and hopefully, with the help of some of you, I can help to make her life a little better!


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2 thoughts on “A Chance Meeting with a Strong Woman…

  1. There were 2 strong women at that table. The one who reached out as well as the one who received. It takes women of courage to do both. Thank you Jane, for showing us how a chance encounter can remind us how much we all need each other; and how much richer we all would be if we would admit that need and let people in. I enjoyed reading about this this daily slice of life.


  2. Janet says:

    You’re a good person, Jane, and she is very fortunate that you asked to dine with her. I’d help set up her computer if I were closer.. do the girls have friends in the MKE area that could help?
    Keep writing.. enjoying your words!


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