whispered desert

Agelaius phoeniceus English: Red-winged Blackb...

Agelaius phoeniceus English: Red-winged Blackbird Français : Un carouge à épaulettes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

whispered white fog

lingers over the silent marsh

carrying across the reeds the echo of search

a red-winged blackbird, demonstrating its strength,

perches on one leg like a militant soldier, surveying the grassy kingdom

the softness of the mallard’s nest reflects the comforted security of this brush

hiding within this secluded world, the dream enters

as the shadow of loneliness walks between the thoughts

an entire sheet of heaviness

blankets my inner being

* * * * * *

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8 thoughts on “whispered desert

  1. To me, this is a poem that speaks of the solitude and loneliness of the soul, and yet the hope and dream that, though seemingly smothered, still live on. Painfully beautiful.


  2. Susan says:

    Your words are powerful. Retirement has brought your sentiments of loneliness flooding my soul. Without the distractions of a busy working life I am realizing that I still have many dreams to dream……..my life is begining again. Thank you Jane.


    • Yes, I had to terminate my teaching career of 35 years because of an illness…and now I am retired…the transition is a challenge…I am happy that you read my poem and that my comments touched your soul in some way….thank you for writing!


  3. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope your Reiki is going well! and that you are receiving many clients! It is cold and snow today.
    Thanks again! Feel free to tell me IF my writing speaks to you or not.


  4. Diane says:

    Jane, you are a deep and spiritual soul. I have always felt your closeness to GOD…Many Blessings to YOU my dear friend


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