The Wasp Murders

Found under the bench, after we sat down.

Found under the bench, after we sat down. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happens when woman meets wasps?

Who is the more treacherous?

Who wins when all are dead on the floor?

Who is the more savage?

Monday 19 Sep 2011


“I am just an ordinary individual…

With no malice in my heart.

I would ’t hurt a flea!”—as I throw the dart

Isn’t that what they all say?

When accused of the part

Of the murder in the dark!


Yet this morning

I must confess to my crime

Murder was the color of my mime

Stealthily I crept into the cold cellar

They all would be dead in no time

Revenge was definitely mine


Carefully I plotted

Raising the can of Wasp Killer

A can in each hand of the cold chiller

Pushing the button with frenzy

Poison spewing needing no filler

Yes, yes, the Wasp Murder Thriller!


“What have I done!

Now hundreds lie dead on the floor

They fly and breathe no more

Vengence leaving a bitter taste

And I am sick to the core!

There is no vaccine for this sore!


All that the wasps wanted

Was to share my home

A corner for that one little cone

But a space I  could not spare

Not to those pesky drones!

No 911 for them to phone!


Now, I, left with the guilt

Of my murderous deed,

My treacherous creed

Must weep for these creatures

Savage am I, I must cede!

Compassion I must feed.

7 thoughts on “The Wasp Murders

  1. Mich Smith says:

    You are so right Jane!! Love your article!


    • Yes, it is something to kill insects so small…I really felt horrible at the end…I think, what must it feel to kill another human being? The suffering must be tremendous upon the mind…and soul.


  2. says:

    This is GREAT! Jane, the native Americans never thought that insects were “people”… they thought about animals…..who had to be honored after a kill.
    Though insects….I still love your thoughts about “life”.


  3. Juanita says:

    Since you have grandchildren and visitors who might get stung or be allergic, I can understand your decision since the wasps were making their nest on your house. Wasps are very territorial and will return and try to rebuild in the same location, so you might want to put up some chicken wire or something non-toxic to keep them away.
    In general I view insects as an essential part of nature and life and I’ll try to relocate invasive insects without killing them or using chemicals on them.


    • You are a much kinder person than myself and more nature friendly. I must admit, I never gave a thought to relocating the 14 inch circumference wasp nest. I was terrified! The nest was built in my basement behind the insulation. The wasps entered through the vent for the dryer that is now repaired with a new window. However, if any return, I will certainly try to relocate them! Thank you for your input!


  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Wow. That was a difficult day! But I love your rhyme.

    It’s a simple truth in the jungle – kill or be killed.


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