What does it matter?

English: Projected density plot of a redshift ...

English: Projected density plot of a redshift z=2.5 dark matter halo from a cosmological N-body simulation. The visible part of the galaxy (not shown in the image) lies at the dense centre of the halo and has a diameter of roughly 20 kiloparsecs. There are also many satellite galaxies, each with its own subhalo which is visible as a region of high dark matter density in the image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What does it matter if we are Black, Yellow, Red or White?

What does matter is we allow each other human rights.

What does it matter–if we are Sikh or Muslim? Universalist or Atheist?  Christian, Jew. or Lutheran?

What does matter is that love is our anthem!

We all come from the ONE above…

The One who perpetuates all with generosity and love

What does matter is acceptance of one another

What does matter that I can name you sister and brother

Single, married, divorced, gay or straight

What matters is that love is the gate

Suffering has taken its toll on too many

Out of suffering we lash and spend our last penny

Delve within and seek the truth

Allow love to be the giving booth

Listen deep within the quiet

Breath of the Spirit– our soul’s sonnet

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