A Day with Nadia, my Granddaughter

1-2011-2649the delightful smile

caressed her face

as we played hide-n-seek

throughout the space


we had no toys

except life between

she three … I sixty-two

riding the imaginary dream


she structured the game

for us to play

her sense of fairness

was to be obeyed


the thrill of finding me

behind the door

caused her to want to

play some more


my lotus for the day

mindfulness carried me to my core

love offered, love received

my spirit soared

6 thoughts on “A Day with Nadia, my Granddaughter

  1. Pruhs, Carrie says:

    Love it

    Carrie J. Pruhs (414) 288-5323


  2. Audrey Neu says:

    Hi Jane, Loved you poem playing with Nadia. A child is so easy to please. Doesn’t require mine. only our time and creativity and above all our energy. Glad you have good times with your grand children. It brings back to memory the moneyless things we created to have fun; building our own stilts, making mud pies. But we had no one to sell them to. Anyway we were playing with each other. I’m sure you have such stories. See you Sat. Peace Audrey


  3. Nancy says:

    How Beautiful………..so happy to see you get to spend time with them. They make our hearts soar. YOur poem is just Beautiful. Many Happies to YOU Jane.


  4. Mich Smith says:

    This poem is so lovely and realistic!! Well done


  5. Chris says:

    Jane, that poem is so well written with lots of love and we grandmothers understand all the meaning you put into. As I read it I live that moment with my granddaughter even though we are on the other side of the earth. What moments to cherish! Thank you.


  6. kay stuart says:

    Wow, Jane! That is amazing! I love it. First one I read. You definitely need to get that stuff out there.


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