Ayden…the gentle love of a brother for a sister

Ayden Krennplayfully wrestling in the bed

mishaps happen, your eyes see red

brother says, “Nadia, you just kicked me in the neck”

reality sets in and expect a train wreck

however, love prevails,

as the tears well up and set sail

sister buries her face in the pillow with tears

“I am so sorry, brother dear”

but the tears keep rolling down her cheek

when Ayden goes beside her and soothes her deep

“Nadia, it is okay, I love you still

I know it was an accident, don’t cry–I love you always, I always will!”

11 thoughts on “Ayden…the gentle love of a brother for a sister

  1. Nancy says:

    Happy New Years, How wonderful of a mind you have. God has Gifted you greatly.


  2. Janet says:

    That is so sweet! We could all learn a lesson here.


  3. Bill says:

    That is really good, and so true to Ayden and Nadia.


  4. Mich Smith says:

    I love your poem, it’s so cute and true!!


  5. Annie Krenn says:

    aww mom thats sweet. did that really happen?


  6. Annie Krenn says:

    i love the way that last line is written the whole poem is perfect


  7. Chris says:

    What precious grandchildren you have! May they always be blessed!


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