Macro of Wet Leaf

Macro of Wet Leaf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the bud is born…the leaf formed

basking in the sunlight

it breathes in the air

and happily colors itself green

smiling gayly, waving sweetly

then the winds come…

the source of ocean

the source of ocean (Photo credit: sundaymay)

the storm is all about

the green leaf has fallen from the tree…

fallen into the river running wild down the bed

pushed along by life’s  force


so quickly…

boundaries unknown

oh…stubbed its toe! on the rock below…

pushed up again by the wave of gentleness…the wind carries it freely

as it breezes its way, floating on love

then turbulence…the sky has turned grey

bashed here and there…

suffocating…it can not breathe…

drowning…in the sea of life…

yet some unknown force…some angel-life draws it forward

it says, don’t give up…one more float

the green leaf is a bit tattered

and bruised…but stronger for the ware…

it continues down the river…

pushed down…up and over

then riding the waves once again…

the waters carry it forth

as it rests gently on the shore

A curled, fallen leaf on roadside in Scotts Va...

A curled, fallen leaf on roadside in Scotts Valley, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “perseverance

  1. Mich Smith says:

    J’aime très beau!!


  2. glkaye2013 says:



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