STOP the sadness!

sadness…do not allow sadness to mess with your judgment

sadness….do not allow sadness to manipulate your goodness

sadness…do not allow the negative thought to enter your mind

Say “STOP” and go on and find your inner core…the open door!

English: Emotions associated with sadness

English: Emotions associated with sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


P.S.   Thank you to Elaine for the word, “STOP!” and for helping me to realize I had the power in me all along to make a choice for my life…

11 thoughts on “STOP the sadness!

  1. clarabetty says:

    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. diaryofrahul says:

    sadness is like a stumbling block is our path. It creates difficulty in taking judgement.


  3. Yoshiko says:

    May I add another line?
    sadness . . . a better you 😀


  4. Excellent verses to keep in mind to avoid poisoning the moments. I have nominated you for a “Moment in Time” award at my blog.


    • Thank you so much! Thank you for your encouraging words, your compliment and for visiting my blog. Georgette! I still recall your piece on the great sleepover! You are an amazing woman and teacher! I was also a teacher for the past 36 years…now living the transition…and being inspired with all the goodness of this Earth! Thank you again for stopping by!


  5. Sadness – that emotion that comes along and wraps itself around me as if it were a wet Army blanket in a humid summer. With it comes the never ending question of Why. Wny, God? God, if you could just please answer my one question, I’ll drop my Army blanket cloak and perhaps walk away from the sadness that sits on my heart.


    • What a wonderful metaphor you have written!…you have said it so well! I think we should do a side-by-side post! thank you for stopping by as often as you do…it is quite encouraging to me!


  6. I couldn’t help but focus on your use of the word ‘stigmatised’. I kept being drawn back to it.

    You use some great words for how we can feel when we let sadness into our lives, emotions that many people will relate to yet I kept thinking about your use of stigmatised.

    Rather than a personal emotion, something that you are not in control of, it’s the only example you use that describes the way others look at you. To be stigmatised is to be looked down upon, thought of as less than worthy, even to be seen as disgusting.

    Maybe I’m reading into it too much but I truly hope you don’t believe that allowing yourself to be sad is deserving of this treatment or that this opinion is merited.

    Of course we should fight sadness and say ‘no’ to it but when we do let some sadness into our lives it does not make us weak. It does not give others the right to judge us. Occasionally we need some sadness to appreciate happiness.

    As I say, I hope I’m reading too much into it but my mind kept coming back to the thought so I felt that I needed to share what was going through my head.



    • Steven, thank you for your insightful response…the collage of words is *not* mine…it is credited to the infamous “Wikipedia” … Nevertheless, your words speak volumes to me! I think that it would be a great essay for you to blog on in your blog. Inadvertently, it moved you to write words to me that I needed to hear…thank you!


  7. “Very astute observation, Holmes…”


  8. Great reminder to opt-in to happiness! I had a similar conversation with my son and told him Don’t Be a Fly…


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