Grandchildren at Play

Ayden and Nadia

undisturbed by the bare floor

Ayden, 5, and Nadia, 4,building block sky towers!

Ayden, 5, and Nadia, 4,building block sky towers!

did not quibble

as they built the towers by the door

but simply…stacked the blocks

with intent concentration

no precarious assumption that it couldn’t be done

or any fear of defamation

they played together

daring, courageously and unabashed

the architects of playland

undaunted by the task

if only Congress

would recognize the fun

they, too…

could give it a run

20 thoughts on “Grandchildren at Play

    • Amazing…if we would only reflect and see how easy it would be if we retained our childlike quality…


      • Perhaps we should insist that Congress play board games every Friday afternoon. They would have to divide up by parties and Senate and House of Representatives. They could have whold food snacks (no preservatives) and allowed to play for a minimum of 4 hours. Or, as the children playing in the photo in your blog, they could have large blocks or even a simple tinker toy set of years gone by and have absolutely no expectations placed on them (other than they could not cheat, lie or steal from their neighbor). I wonder, would that make for a better, kinder person to return to the chambers the following Monday and perhaps they would see with more reason and simplicity.


      • Excellent ideas, Sheri! Let’s send them on to Congress!


  1. clarabetty says:

    Oh for the simple faith of a child….


  2. Yoshiko says:

    “Undaunted” is a good and strong word to give the sense of perseverance 🙂


  3. Its good to see your most lucky and happy grandchildren playing….lots of blessings to them


  4. tigger0198 says:

    The innocence of children Simple activities The ability to play together


  5. says:

    I love it!


  6. jeglatter says:

    Fun and so true!:) I am sane while I still have my children to watch!:)


  7. Real cuties 🙂


  8. dokinhs says:

    well…………………….im not sure of this one diane


    • WOW…YOU are alive! Diane, I think you should run for Congress..I think Congress should be enlightened~ We NEED more women…but sensible ones! yeah, see I am not being sexist…I just want people in Congress who will NOT be bought, who care about the disenfranchised. who care about truth, who care about Mother Earth, and do NOT want our Earth blown up!


  9. Mich Smith says:

    Charming kids !!


  10. nightlake says:

    they are so cute:)


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