you are my love star

what is it that comes between the moments of delight?

what is it that causes the heart to take flight?

open yourself with tears

open yourself dispel the fears

the ocean waves crest and fall free

taking chances just to be

the comets scintillate with brilliance from afar

Astronomy For Beginners

Astronomy For Beginners (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

you know you are my love star

17 thoughts on “you are my love star

  1. Oh, this is so beautifully presented. I’m so fortunate that when I opened my iPad tonight yours is the first blog presented. Thank you for such beauty.


  2. clarabetty says:

    This really spoke to me tonight about opening up and not fearing and then maybe I’ll have more moments of delight. You said so beautifully!


  3. thank you, Miss Betty…we all are there…at some time or another…keep strong! YOU are such a great person with a very good heart!


  4. glkaye2013 says:

    “between the moments of delight”…food for thought! Thank you Jane!


  5. yes…yes…yes……YOU are most welcome. friend!


  6. Enjoyed reading it….more than that there is lot of lessons that I want to learn from your post…


    • thank you, Kamlesh! thank you for visiting my blog! Sorry we missed the SKYPE call…my SKYPE…I have to re-download it! I somehow changed the language it was written in and do NOT understand the directions! Speak to you soon! I have not forgotten you!


  7. Kim says:

    Thank you for stopping by “Unwalled” and deciding to follow; I am truly honored. May you be encouraged, edified and inspired in 2013 and beyond……..Blessings!…….Kim


  8. Charles Yallowitz, thank you for visiting my blog! I am trying to find your blog…no link that I could find on the Gravatar image! You may want to manually write in the link…there is a post explaining how to do this on my blog: Link your WORDPRESS blog manually to Gravatar or We Won’t Find YOU!


  9. Brilliantly done, Jane


  10. dokinhs says:

    very nice i really love it huggs diane


  11. […] you are my love star. […]


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