tender goodbyes

When my own three daughters were very young, I read to them from a book called The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, Ruth E Harper (Illustrator), Nancy M. Leak (Illustrator) that was first published by Tanglewood Press in October of 1993.  Chester Raccoon, the main character in the book, is soon entering school for the first time and has never been away from his mother. Chester’s Mother is compassionate and understands the separation Chester is worried about and in so doing says that she will give him a kiss in the palm of his hand each morning. She goes on to tell him that when he puts the palm to his cheek, he will be able to hear her whisper, “Mommy loves you!!”   This gesture enables Chester to leave for school with a happy heart.

Now1-2012-07-30 01.20.48 I have grandchildren, two little darlings, Ayden, 5, and Nadia, 4, who visit me quite regularly, as they only live a 15 minute drive from my home. I was fortunate to build a strong bond with them when they were babies, because for two years, their parents and they lived with me. So, now it is always a tug on the heart, when it is time to say goodbye and little Nadia’s tender heart sheds tears. I had to come up with a plan to soften the departure –it was equally as difficult for me. Then I remembered the book, The Kissing Hand.

So when it is time to leave, I accompany them to their car, and after they are safely buckled in, I gently take their hand, and give each of them a kiss in their palm and press it to their cheek, telling them I am always with them –and if they miss me, just to press their  palm to their cheek and a light will go on in my heart, telling me, and I will whisper “I love you” to them in the air, with the wind carrying it back to them!

One day as they were about to leave, and as I approached the door, little Nadia grabbed both of my  hands, and kissed them each in their palm, pressing my hands  firmly to my cheeks, saying,  “Don’t forget, Nanny!”  Nadia is so brilliant — as we all have brilliant grandchildren who gladden our hearts!

I was so touched by her love crystal gesture!

Today, Nadia created a new little ritual on her own. She said upon her departure, “Nanny, I have an idea! When you miss me at nighttime, look up at the moon,  and say, ‘See you at the moon!’  and when it is daytime, say ‘See you in the sky!’ because we can’t look at the Sun, as it is too bright to look into!”  She had the most beautiful smile on her face! I was filled with so much love!

We are so blessed, to give each other love crystals to help us on our journey…

22 thoughts on “tender goodbyes

  1. bette910@aol.com says:

    how beautiful and heart-warming


  2. thank you, Bette! It is always a joy to my heart when I read your comments!


  3. Mich Smith says:

    Children are sweet and grandma too, they take after her!! Love your story!


  4. tigger0198 says:

    You are just the BEST grandmother. They are so fortunate to have you in their lives.


  5. thank you…I had a good teacher…my Mom…and I will say, I receive even more joy and love from my grandchildren than I could possibly give them! I love them so much!


  6. clarabetty says:

    I award you “The Greatest Grandmother” ever and also “The Greatest Children’s Storyteller” by the authority invested in me as a discriminating reader of beautiful blogs. There is nothing you have to do to receive this award, and you do not have to pass it on. You can keep it all for yourself! Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us about how hard it is to say goodbye to our grandchildren.


  7. glkaye2013 says:

    Such a sweet story. My eyes are full of joyous tears.

    Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 00:41:33 +0000 To: glkaye@hotmail.ca


  8. Joyour memories are made of moments such as these.


  9. Yes…Sheri, thank you! It heightens my confidence with your gracious comments! thank you! Blessings on you this weekend! on your Womanhood!


  10. tersiaburger says:

    What a beautiful post!! Thank you.


  11. Love your parting gestures. It was wrenching to see our grandkids cry when they were going to return home. Your ‘kissing hand’ would have been a great way to say good-bye. Now, they just run down the street a ways, trying to keep pace with our car … and we shout out our good byes to each other.


  12. Yes, I know what you mean…it is “heart wrenching” to say goodbye…for me, still..but at least we have those little love crystals…never to late to begin a meaningful ritual….I was so fortunate to come upon the book, THE KISSING HAND.


  13. Ow, the sweet darling. Bless her 🙂


    • thank you, Celestine! thank you for “blessing” her…our children need our blessings…so much…and so much do they need to be given real love and shown to live gentleness…I think my daughter, Annie, is doing that well with her little child and her son…they are gentle hearts…


  14. That’s so beautiful that it’s made my eyes leak!


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