My Justified Anger needs LOVE CRYSTALS… We All Need Them…Put Your Prayer Out into the Universe

I am raging with anger today…the only way I can get it out…is by expressing WHY…and sending PRAYERS of Hope into the universe…PRAYERS of Love Crystals to heal humanity…We have to speak about these things and rid our beings of them.  At first, I shunned the news reports. My insides were exhausted from their pain. Then I was again exposed to them–news from friends, events I have read about from other bloggers, the radio…I could not escape.  Then I asked myself WHY? WHY can’t I get away from this!  I want to run and hide!  Then I thought further — yes, it is so much easier to live apart from it…but it is still there…and these who are suffering need our voices! They need our joy…they need our light…they need us to speak for them and tell them we are sorry for their suffering.  They need us to make movement in our beings to vocalize what they cannot. They need us to find a way to bring this to the attention of all–so that somehow, a new movement is begun to lift us up and beyond our savage ways and greed.

Transparency is our only tool to make the world a better place. I do not know what else we can do!

We are meant to be LIGHT to one another…regardless of your culture, your race, your religion,  your spirituality…we are human beings and we are hurting each other into annihilation!

This is WHY…these are the SUFFERINGS I have met with this week in the News and in the Blogs I have read and I cannot bear the suffering alone anymore…and I am sure there are so many of you out there suffering with me.  We need to stop the inhumanity of man!

I pray for those who have suffered from my hands…for those who have suffered from the hands of others…and for those who have caused the suffering–that they may wake from their coma and be peacemakers.

* the men and women, innocent children, babies that have been killed by the USA drone attacks!

* the three young women and child that were kidnapped for 10  Y E A R S

* the 3 year old boy who was scalded to death last week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by a boyfriend enraged!

* the men who have been beaten to death, women who have been raped, boys who have been raped, children who have been tortured in the Congo, mining coltan so that we can use our cell phones and the computer I am using to type these words.  Nokia is one of the companies that conducts business with these people.

* the guns that are delivered to developing countries–who is making money from these gun purchases? Corporations here in America. Every time one of us buys a gun, we add to their wealth, their greed, their unconcern for those to whom they sell the fire arms.

* the Native Americans who have been given the worse land in this country on which to live and still do not have their freedom on these lands, with  the constant inhumane federal regulations that supersede their own human rights.

* the Fracking of Mother Earth–destroying the FOUR water basins here in the USA.  The “fracking of Africa” by European corporations who do NOT want to spoil their own lands, so they go into Africa and offer money to use the land. One more time Africa is being raped by the new colonial power: CORPORATE GREED.

* the homeless on our streets—who is there to speak for the mentally challenged, for the impoverished, for the financially drained?  We have tons of buildings that stand empty because of bureaucracy and stupid coding laws–done in the name of safety.  SO I suppose it much safer to let entire families live on the streets without shelter?

* the elderly who are put into the “gas chambers” called nursing homes? Why? Because we can not bear to take care of our own parents? So we stick them away…out of sight…and go on with our lives.  Nursing homes today are a million times worse than they were forty years ago when I worked in them– despite the outward appearance. We have managed to sophisticate our image to hide the abuse.

* the lack of funds for education hidden under the guise of new competency testing. Testing is nothing but a money-making scheme of Corporate America once again fleecing our society.  If we do not educate our children, then what do we have for our future? Do you really think Corporate America cares about your child? Your children? They do not care IF you have employment. They care about one thing: their pocketbook!

I am exhausted and I am sure that there could be so much more added to this bleak picture.  We have to be Light Beings to each other—we need to leave our comfort zone and do whatever little bit we can do…for some, it will be simply accepting another person into your circle of caring…for another it may mean walking in a protest march or organizing one…for another it may mean changing your attitude, your perception of the world, and live with a little less, while giving a little more…for another it may mean speaking up for someone who cannot speak…

We must do something…before it is too late…

I will try to be a love crystal to those whom I meet. I will try to sign whatever piece of paper comes my way that needs my signature to help make the world better. I will speak out about injustice– even if it annoys others.

We need to help each other make this world a better place for our children…for each woman…for each man….for each person on this Earth! and we need to protect Mother Earth!

21 thoughts on “My Justified Anger needs LOVE CRYSTALS… We All Need Them…Put Your Prayer Out into the Universe

  1. I just visited this blog:….it is a good response to my anger…


  2. To read about the Congolese people and how anyone who owns a cell phone, including me, is somehow responsible for what is happening to them:


  3. Another person…sharing a story of JOY to balance my day:


  4. judithhb says:

    I feel with you and while we sit in our comfortable homes so many people are suffering. and it is not just the US Government that is uncaring. Here in this green and pleasant and abundant land, we have homeless and children going to school without breakfast. Instead of supporting the US war in Afghanistan our Government should direct the money towards helping its own people survive.


  5. Sending you truckloads of Love Crystals Jane! ❤
    Yes, the world is an evil place some days, but remember that there are also beautiful things to find! Even when it all seems hopeless, there are still good people around and miracles still happen.
    A very big hug for you my sweet friend!


    • Patty, you are such a sweet friend! thank you! I am so happy for you and your publishing accomplishment! How wonderful! Exciting! Tremendous!


      • Thank you Jane! 🙂 You are a wonderful friend to me as well!
        I am very happy too and I would never could have do something like that without the support of my friends and family! ❤


  6. clarabetty says:

    What you have is Holy Anger – justified anger all the injustice and cruelty and evil in the world. You remind me of Jeremiah in the Old testament weeping for Jerusalem. Perhaps God has raised you up just for this, to show the way, to hold up the Light against the darkness, to sound the alarm!!


  7. Yoshiko says:

    😦 So many incidents at US?


  8. tersiaburger says:

    This is an amazing post Jane! Thank you! It is an evil world we live in. We must all try and make a difference!


  9. Mich Smith says:

    You are so right!!


  10. you are so right! why are we failing God so miserably! we are supposed to use our “superior” brain to help, heal each other!


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