loss of a friend

the stream flowed through the forest bend

and i always hoped i would speak with you again

the flowers danced delightfully when you were around

now all i see are the stark stems…the life snapped to the ground

the water crystals once spun…the spider built its glorious web

then the awful words by me were said…and now i am a broken thread

the stars struggle to shine through the night

my heart is torn…i did not plan to fight

the moon is rising in the sky so high

but you have not returned and i weep a heavy sigh

the wind blew…the sun was you shining through

you were the breath that gave me life as our friendship grew

moss now covers the roots and stone

i call your name but there is no one home

the caterpillar struggles to become the butterfly

but the wings have been clipped when you said goodbye

not that i did not deserve it…deserve it I did

i wish that i could undo…all that i said and hid

like the seed that doubts the sun and rain will come again

i doubted you…did not believe…and left myself to the henchman

Old spider web

Old spider web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

if only i could have realized beauty in my midst

that was offering me a deep gift that i should not resist

21 thoughts on “loss of a friend

  1. Beautiful… Completely puts the emotion in losing a friend. Recently moved away from someone close, so I can relate. Thank you for this post!


  2. lgyslaine says:

    Beautiful! 🙂


  3. tersiaburger says:

    Oh my friend – so tender and sad! Healing hugs!!


  4. cobbies69 says:

    This is my reply to your comment on my poem, and think it is very apt. also,, heart felt for you…

    Johann, I will with all my pleasure and heart send you all the love and well wishing crystals and fairy dust to you. I will send them through the air and hopefully reach you with the love they are sent.
    imagine sitting on the bank of the golden lake..looking at sunset…in my thoughts…

    The lake shimmering in the moonlight,
    Silvery reflections rippling water,
    The orange sun now out of sight
    Admire for too long, it will capture.

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  5. it is one of the most beautiful poem that I have ever read, no words is available to describe this………

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  6. deeply touched me

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  7. a most beautiful tribute, Jane


  8. dear Celestine, thank you for your kind words! Sometimes, i feel so “exposed” with my writing–I write the words because I do not know how else to convey my feelings. I forget people read what I write—and then, I wonder, if I am wrong to share it…i guess I share it to let someone, anyone, know I do care…and I do want to be a kinder, more gentle person…I am so horrible at being human…what should be the easiest, is the most difficult…because, after all, we are human.


  9. Jane – Beauty in my midst…. I told you how powerful your words are. They are the beauty in our midst. Clare


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