the silence of loneliness

Margin of Silence

Margin of Silence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the silence of the night

caused serenity’s flight

dipping  into your consciousness

you failed with your bluntness

awakening your questioning thoughts

of all that was lost while your loneliness fought

thinking of those who stepped into your life

for a brief time you had it until out came the knife

their faces pass before you, one by one

like the stars of the night, until you were shunned

glistening feelings deep within

where are they now…when did it wear thin

what are they doing…why did it end so soon

did you ask too much…did they fly to the moon

did you ask more than they could give

did you forget to forgive…allowing it to live

did you not understand…did you have to demand 

do you not have a right to be heard…your brain was banned

why did it become so absurd…did you really have to be heard

why do humans sift away…and you are left with an empty day

why does emptiness loom looking for a  home to stay

why can’t we be more open and receive

why do we run and deceive

why do we burn what we are given

do you enjoy the feeling of being beaten


20 thoughts on “the silence of loneliness

  1. Mich Smith says:



    • I suffered the pain and gave pain…I am ashamed of what i made another live the last 24 hours…and so it was written…i do not feel very lovely about it…but I do appreciate your sentiments, Mich! Thank you for always reading my poems.


  2. and i seem to be asking ourselves similar questions tonight:

    ‘why do humans sift away…and you are left with an empty day
    why does emptiness loom looking for a home to stay’

    at least to this human, we are like water and seek the path of least resistance. i’ve certainly done it enough times myself, ty for this wonderful contemplation tonight and for that incredible illustration.


    • I think I forgot how to love…I doubted instead of believed…so I chase the humans away…they can only take so much…and who can blame anyone of them?


      • oh, my friend…your words have really touched this heart. we humans and our hearts are resilient, what we forget we can remember again and this feeble attempt to reassure you somehow is only spoken from my own experience.

        i was that person for the longest time as well, chasing away folks, not accepting love offered, i write about it often, and also about renewal and reinvention. even at 58, i guess i believe there’s always a chance, an opportunity to see life through another lens…

        please know you have a friend here, my door is always open for you johanisthinking.


  3. “why do we burn what we are given” that is the line that will stay with me. Lovely poem.

    As I get older this concept is one I ponder more and more. Hind sight being 20/20 can either eat you alive or set you on a path of discovery. Choosing the later, I’ve written a few posts on life. This one – Regret – is a little off your topic, yet something I feel so strongly about.



  4. I agree with notes to ponder above


  5. Praveena says:

    Beautiful especially Wh part 🙂


  6. Brilliantly written!


    • Truth has a way of making that happen…it amazes me..thank you for the compliment, Roxi…it just seems to me that my writing is not just me, but all that has touched me through my life..and the many people who have helped me along the way…and the brilliance is a compliment to them for not giving up on me.


  7. I suspect you do not ask for too much, I suspect you give far more than than you take, until the other, like a child becoming an adult, overflows and floats away immersed in satisfied surfeit and you are left bereft For a while. —- Bear


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