the silence of loneliness

Margin of Silence

Margin of Silence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the silence of the night

caused serenity’s flight

dipping  into your consciousness

you failed with your bluntness

awakening your questioning thoughts

of all that was lost while your loneliness fought

thinking of those who stepped into your life

for a brief time you had it until out came the knife

their faces pass before you, one by one

like the stars of the night, until you were shunned

glistening feelings deep within

where are they now…when did it wear thin

what are they doing…why did it end so soon

did you ask too much…did they fly to the moon

did you ask more than they could give

did you forget to forgive…allowing it to live

did you not understand…did you have to demand 

do you not have a right to be heard…your brain was banned

why did it become so absurd…did you really have to be heard

why do humans sift away…and you are left with an empty day

why does emptiness loom looking for a  home to stay

why can’t we be more open and receive

why do we run and deceive

why do we burn what we are given

do you enjoy the feeling of being beaten