Sticks and Stones…

There are a number of issues in this story: (1)no one should be ridiculed; (2)no one should be called names of any sort; (3)Personally, I do not have an issue with anyone’s homosexuality–nevertheless, in this story, being labelled “gay” is said in an offensive way to this young boy–this should never happen! (4)WHO teaches children to “name-call”…to call someone “gay?” in a derogatory way? This is a sad reflection of the adult models in the lives of these children.

The Musing Maven

We all grow up in a world where there are bullies. Most of us, if we are lucky, reach adulthood without too many scars. As a mom, I can now see that the physical scars aren’t really what caused the most damage. The real long-term harm came from the mean things people said and did along the way. Those mean words that planted themselves into our self-image. They play, like broken records, in our minds. The words that we adopt as our own, until we bully ourselves into submission.

My son has been bullied since he was in 2nd grade. The term bully congers up images of a big kid, with big-bad words, and even bigger fists.  My son’s bully doesn’t really fit that description. For him, it’s a group of sweet little boys and girls who somehow, at the age of 7, decided that they would use their big…

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3 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones…

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Quite true. I just don’t know why some people say so. I have a classmate who have been saying bad things of many classmates 😦 My ears are sick of it


  2. Yes, it is so difficult to hear! I find I have to address it when it happens…I may lose a friend…but, that is not a person I want as a friend in any case. If we do not address it, then it continues…people need to be educated…gently…but educated.


  3. GIBSON says:

    Isn’t nature beautiful? One of these days when things settle down a bit in my life, I’ll have to tell you about my pet sparrow, Benjamin, I had years ago. Come to think of it, maybe, I should write a short story about him. Whatcha think?


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