Spread love not war

Almost every family

in this countryside has had a family member

who has either

died in a war,

fought in a war,

been lost in a war,

suffers a mental disorder because of being in a war.

So many human lives lost…

so many innocent people killed…

so much LIGHT snuffed out…


No war has ever stopped another war…

Young men and women

in our country

are told to fight for democracy…

for freedom for others.

Meanwhile, we are losing our right to assembly here in this country,

we are losing our rights to unionize,

we are losing our right to question…

we are losing our homes…

we are losing our families…

we are losing our health…

the healthcare of our elderly is going to hell…

the education of our young  children is being destroyed…

the number of homeless people…has now developed into homeless families…in every state

something is NOT right…

We are told we fight wars for humanitarian reasons

Yet we are more dehumanized by war.

We go abroad to fight wars,

yet we have internal wars here.

Unless we are Native American, we are all immigrants to this country.

Yet, today, we fight against allowing others to live here.

WHO are WE?

Another war here on immigration.

WHY are we destroying ourselves and each other?

WHY are we not building one another up?

WHY are we not being tender and kind to each other?


29 thoughts on “Spread love not war

  1. Praveena says:

    Thoughtful poem.Liked it.Thanks for sharing.


  2. cobbies69 says:

    reminds me so of the days of hippies and make love not war.. etc 😉


    • Yes, I have often said in the past year, WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? Why don’t we have the young people protesting and advocating for what is right? Cobbies69, perhaps we will have to be the New Hippies? Our writing and our poems have to wake people up…we have to try to bring a new awareness to what is happening…there are not enough of us singing for peace!


  3. Jerry says:

    Because of greed and programming with a dash of desensitizing. Wars are fought for those reasons. When the true light shines on the darkness of governments and leaders (especially the power munging us) and people realize we are all one (what we do to each other we do to to ourselves) There will be a quantum leap towards world healing and peace on earth.


  4. Eleanor is one of those few historic figures I’d love to have a conversation with


    • Yes, Paul, I would also! Eleanor was a resilient woman and did so much for the good of children and women. We need another Eleanor or at the very least, pick up where she left us and continue her message!


  5. george-b says:

    Reblogged this on euzicasa and commented:
    And the answer is…NEVER!


    • dear George, Thank you for your visits to my blog and for reading what I write. I will say to your comment, “Never!”—I disagree—–we have to LIVE in HOPE…and in the LOVE of PEACE. If we give up, then what is the point. I think PEACE is POSSIBLE—and some day, it will be achieved.


      • george-b says:

        I fully agree: what I meant though, is that even if individually, as a community, or even country, The human species, as generally ruled by imbeciles, will never allow us to achieve that goal: History fully demonstrates that humans cannot, and will not accept kindness, and humanity as a guiding rule!

        That is a conclusion to which, no matter how one feels about, is way over everybody’s heads, and in which the personal choices, even are greatly and savagely impuned upon by societies!

        Too bad, too!


    • well…we must keep hoping and never give up to bring peace to wherever we are…and within ourselves.


  6. Mich Smith says:

    Great woman!!


    • Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt did so many good and wonderful things for children and women! I think she should be celebrated more and more–perhaps her strength could be brought back into this country. We do need a strong and gentle womyn as she was to lead us!


  7. dcardiff says:

    I have always admired Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a brilliant, caring woman. In many ways she was the heart behind the president. Her words apply as much today as when they were first spoken.



  8. Deep and thoughtful words, Jane. I’ve always admired Eleanor Roosevelt. She also made a stand for the Jews during the Second World War


  9. prayingforoneday says:

    Please accept this Award.
    “Best Moment Award”
    Thank you


  10. Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.


  11. The answers should be simple but our Executive and Administrative Branches of government cannot seem to think through the process. Perhaps over the summer they should all read, ‘See Jane Run.’


    • Yes…I am so afraid of what is happening to this country. It seems that in Wisconsin our educational system is going to be destroyed –if Gov. Walker has his way. I will blog on it soon…I just want to have my facts accurate. I do not understand HOW he survived the recall, except that people are NOT educating themselves and reading what is actually happening. There is so much going wrong…so many people are affected by his policies—the marginalized poor, the elderly on a fixed income, the children…the list goes on and on. Gov. Walker’s policies are not transparent and very underhanded and much double-speak going on!


  12. Lorraine Marie Reguly says:

    The act of fighting is senseless, in my opinion.

    This reminds me of a poem that I wrote for a poetry contest (still waiting to hear the results) on terrorism…

    Nice to meet you, and thanks for following my blog!


    • Yes, I agree with you totally! “fighting is senseless!” We can only strive for peace within ourselves…and hope that others do the same…so much human loss and devastation because of war. Great suffering. It bothers me even more when people say they are fighting for peace…an oxymoron. If we all just cared a little more, shared a little more…loved a little more…Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment!


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