In Memory of Trayvon Martin

Sincerest sympathy to Mrs. Fulton and Mr. Martin and their family!

              Trayvon Martin          

What happened to that America, the home of the free?

What happened to that dream, where all colors can BE?

What happened to the day when we could walk without fright?

What happened to this young man, simply was not right!

His parents are left with his photo and thoughts–

The freedom of equality that night was shot!

Was justice served? No one could win. It seems it was lost!

More fear, more hatred,  more revenge, is the new layer of frost.

What will it take before we open our eyes to see

That black, red, yellow or white, our blood is the same, for you and me

How many more of our young people must die…

How much more racism and killings, before love is cried?

Dismayed I was, as I heard young adults, much younger than me…

Some of my former students, shout racial obscenities

How precious life is…how shallow our breath…

How long are we going to continue this hollow theft?

No one has the right to take the life of another,

Who is going to grieve with this mother?

Already, another murder has been committed in the sun

A second white man shot another African-American with a gun

He shot into the car filled with teenage boys

Because he didn’t like the radio noise

He is claiming he had the right, and already the gun owner is being set free

Six months since Trayvon died on the street, Jordan Davis is dead, you see

Violence creates more violence, we need to stop before no one remains

Love and understanding are the only way for us to honor all names

What will it take before we open our eyes to see

That black, red, yellow or white, our blood is the same, for you and me

4 thoughts on “In Memory of Trayvon Martin

  1. tigger0198 says:

    Tragic but inevitable with guns so available and racial feelings.are we getting any closer to color blindness? I am afraid the answer is no.


  2. Beautifully stated and with the push toward guns and “rights” this may very well be our future. It’s concerning, and while I will exercise my right to vote in all cases to stop it, I will also stand in love with like minded people so that we can spread love amongst the fear. Thank you for your lovely poem.


  3. Powerfully written, Jane. It’s really a wasted tragedy


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