terror in the night

Ready, Set... Duct!

Ready, Set… Duct! (Photo credit: ahockley)

I heard something traveling through the ductwork tonight

This woke me from my sleep and gave me great fright

I was awaken by a noise from the basement below…

A  raccoon? a squirrel? a chipmunk? a sparrow?

There is no door to that level…so what is it?

I don’t know as I sit here and fidget!

I am terrified…terrified of the night and the  unknown

Who do I call, who will answer the phone?

Now I sit here at the kitchen table, my heart pumping and my fingers typing

And I just heard another stumble and  fall, vibrating through the piping

How one’s imagination runs with the fear…it probably is nothing at all…

I heard it the night before last, as well, a duct work running call

What do I do? It is after one in the early morning, and almost two

But now…three times I heard a sound…three times a sound, a few

Alas, my eyelids are heavy and falling to the ground

No more I hear, all is quiet, without any sound

9 thoughts on “terror in the night

  1. bumps in the night – always eerie – nicely done


  2. tigger0198 says:

    you need a fearless roommate !!!!


  3. xbox2121 says:

    You weren’t kidding when you told me the other day you made a lousy follower. You have missed my last two post:)


  4. Jane … Your scary night reminded me of the time I woke up and heard someone typing on my typewriter in the next room. By the time, I sat up and was about to check on the noise … it stopped. I put my “noises” down to the stress I was feeling about the demands of a new job. Hope your “noises” are nothing more than your dreams playing out the events of the day as you try to sleep.


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