Lara in Togo…this summer of 2014

Lara and her little friends in Togo...2014

Lara and her little friends in Togo…2014

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This past week I had an awesome opportunity to participate in Camp Unite. Each year the camp invites 100 girls & boys from across Togo to participate in a week filled with sessions ranging from HIV Prevention, Leadership, & Self Confidence …- plus a bunch of fun activities for them to just be kids. 2 girl students, 2 boy apprentices, & my counterpart joined me for the camp. It was so exciting to see them return from the camp so confident and energized to share what they learned with our community. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings

4 thoughts on “Lara in Togo…this summer of 2014

  1. Jean Rose says:

    Good for Lara, she is doing a wonderful job !!! Its so nice she enjoys doing this too . 🙂

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