Travelling West

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The Boy Poet

Travelling West

Fairy lights sparkle on tinsel
and snow drifts from a can
wishes come true inside parcels
placed beneath the tree
with secret smiles.

Laughter echoes with racing cars
whirring round a circle track
men being boys as turkey
roast and trimmings
arrive at the table.

Smiles of gratitude
and motherly nature for
dolls with long blonde curls
and eyes that cry femininity.

Plastic role models of what should be
buxom and sensual with waists too small
and fake painted smiles
that hid the tears for the missing
crossbar on a pink bike.

High fashion dictates
skimpy red dresses followed by white silk
with pink satin roses
but scissors left blonde curls
floating in oblivion
as dresses drank the rain
and the doll wore stolen khaki,

He doesn’t breathe in silence
as he takes the early train
travelling west to new discoveries
leaving the tears of the past
on the empty…

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6 thoughts on “Travelling West

  1. Jean Rose says:

    Very Nice !


  2. Maryellen Churnick says:

    Absolutetly great….


  3. Jez Farmer says:

    Thank you so much for the reblog xx


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