at the end of the day

I look at the stars and I wonder why…

I wonder how some can laugh to see you cry

Photo Credit: Unknown Artist

Photo Credit: Unknown Artist

I wonder how love turns a frozen blue

I wonder, do they not have a clue?


I wonder how people can smile in your face

Accept your meals and with you say grace

While betrayal is deep within their minds

Deceptive and callous, and you are blind


I wonder if they wake during the night

I wonder if they ever have it right

I wonder if they realize the words they breathe

Are enough to kill and your life seize


I wonder if they ever feel remorse for what they’ve done

I wonder WHY they have shot loyalty with a gun

I wonder how they live their life in illusion

I wonder how they see themselves great in the confusion


I look at the stars and I wonder why

I look at the stars and deep within I still cry

I look at the stars and give them my sadness

I look at the stars and hope to end this madness




15 thoughts on “at the end of the day

  1. Dr. Rex says:

    My “end of the day” post. To answer your questions …. they never do! They keep going, going …. wrecking other lives because that’s how they are. No good … no heart, no conscience. And some stay behind wondering & will never have the answer!!


  2. Mary Jane Farrell says:

    Jane–just remember it is THEIR dark vision and they are stuck there. Don’t OWN any of it. That doesn’t mean you don’t feel the pain, but armor yourself to not ACCEPT more and allow yourself to see the light and gloriousness in the stars. It’s their loss–not yours. Blessings.


  3. Jean Rose says:

    Very nice Jane !!!!


  4. LadyPinkRose says:

    I’m right there with you, Jane, at your side, wondering the same thing, and as I stare up at the sky with you, arm in arm, I let go of the pain and sadness I have picked up just by BEing in this world. I bring all that to the Light of the Night, so all that, may be Love once again. Amen. Love, Amy


  5. Silver Threading says:

    How thought provoking. So true. Thank you ♡


  6. Eliza Waters says:

    I always think karma – ‘what goes around, comes around and bullies get theirs in the end.’


  7. Jane, you have a fine mind and an equally fine spirit.
    Best Wishes


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