There Must Be Peace in the Heart

I think Compassion is key to our lives, if we desire peace within. Please direct your likes or comments to:

Through the Peacock's Eyes

peace May we all find peace within

This month’s Bloggers for Peace Challenge is Love Thy Enemy. How does one love thy enemy? I think it helps to clarify ‘like’ versus ‘love’. To love is to be responsible, to do what is best, and to bring no harm to another, or oneself. To like is more personal, or individual. I may like chocolate; you may detest it. I may like having animals around; you may feel they are pests. Likes vary from person to person, but most of us would probably agree that we do not like people who are selfish, cruel, or violent, aka enemies. It is ok not to like them, but we can still love them. We all have that choice.

‘Enemies’ are sentient beings too. When someone acts in an unkind or non-loving way, they are hurting inside. Finding compassion for their suffering frees us from…

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