Profound piece…By Gary David Maxwell, “Fool’s Blog”

Fool's Blog

29 Dec 2014 – Daybreak
(for Carol)

Another gray-blue backlit daybreak
humming high above uplifted branches:
sere soil, burnt sienna, dead to all
appearances – and yet still standing,
stripped of all except unspoken hope –
its one defense against the axe of progress.

It is the rising sun itself, though wan –
emasculated now, which seems to offer
reasons to stay standing, not the
hollow sky whose piercing breath comes
mocking when the light is at its brightest,
right when death seems easiest, and nearest.

Saplings bend submissively to rough winds’
handling, resilience is a green,
lush leaf of new-born innocence, but
wisdom comes from peering over rooftops,
the ring of years around ones’ heart
proclaims in quietude it’s not forever.


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