Mrs.Schultz and the Watkins’ Products

The morning was dreary

and the day proclaimed length

and there at the door

was a gentle knock

“Ma, Mrs. Schultz is here with the Watkins’ Products!”

Excitement abounded in the house

with the prospect of smelling the latest bottled spices and

getting a whiff of the vanilla aroma

Mom, with eleven children of her own,

always seemed to come up with some money to buy from Mrs. Schultz

Who had a genuine smile when selling her wares

She had several children ( Kathryn was in my class

I envied her lanky height…tall and thin…and a

gentle spirit with a kind smile)

Mrs. Schultz’s  husband had injured himself at work

So she had to find a way to support the family.

To me, her tired eyes carried the world

but her ready smile made me happy she had come.

A day growing up

Witnessing the exchange between two mothers

Living their lives and contributing their best

For each other’s success


"Lady's Mantle"  Photo Credit: Bobbi; 2014

“Lady’s Mantle”
Photo Credit: Bobbi; 2014






5 thoughts on “Mrs.Schultz and the Watkins’ Products

    • Morning, Eliza! Thank you…I woke up at 5AM, and there it was–my Mom and Mrs. Schultz. My Mom was with me for 60 years…Mom went home to God in 2010. She lived a full and beautiful life, with a generous, caring spirit…I miss her a great deal.

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    • Thank you, Eliza! My Mom graced my life for 60 years…She went to God in 2010. My heart misses her greatly. I woke up this morning with this memory. My Mom is so much in my life’s heart…I took care of her, with my daughters, in our home, the last three years of her life. She had suffered a stroke. Mom died at home with us…she just went to sleep in the living room. I guess that is a good room to leave us in! I miss her greatly–I cannot stop the tears whenever I think of her.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


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