Mrs.Schultz and the Watkins’ Products

The morning was dreary

and the day proclaimed length

and there at the door

was a gentle knock

“Ma, Mrs. Schultz is here with the Watkins’ Products!”

Excitement abounded in the house

with the prospect of smelling the latest bottled spices and

getting a whiff of the vanilla aroma

Mom, with eleven children of her own,

always seemed to come up with some money to buy from Mrs. Schultz

Who had a genuine smile when selling her wares

She had several children ( Kathryn was in my class

I envied her lanky height…tall and thin…and a

gentle spirit with a kind smile)

Mrs. Schultz’s  husband had injured himself at work

So she had to find a way to support the family.

To me, her tired eyes carried the world

but her ready smile made me happy she had come.

A day growing up

Witnessing the exchange between two mothers

Living their lives and contributing their best

For each other’s success


"Lady's Mantle"  Photo Credit: Bobbi; 2014

“Lady’s Mantle”
Photo Credit: Bobbi; 2014