love is a welling up inside

spirit meeting spirit

energy springing forth…

when we choose to love

we put no conditions…

with love, comes loss


one moves on

another dies

the sorrow is deep, rippling through our being

tears whispered in the air we breathe

as the evening clouds move out

Copyright ©Jane H. Johann, 2016 "Whatcom Creek Reflection" January, 2016

©Jane H. Johann, 2016
“Whatcom Creek Reflection” January, 2016

loss doesn’t take away the goodness given

it doesn’t take away from what was

revel in the joy that was lived

remember the beauty

treasure that time in your heart

and know…somewhere…it is alive

in the eons of time…and will blossom again

into a new beginning…




6 thoughts on “Love

  1. Clanmother says:

    I especially liked “treasure that time in your heart.” Happy Tuesday!


    • …thank you, Pat. It pleases me that you are reading so many of “our” poems–“our” meaning the universe… me…you…others…The words come to LIFE when someone reads them. There would be no poem, without a reader! I do wonder sometimes WHERE the thoughts come from…hmmm


  2. And there always comes “a new beginning”! The best to you!!


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